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to grow the audience of your Alexa Skill 


Voxalyze is the leading Marketing Insights & Intelligence Platform for the Alexa  ecosystem
Skill Store

Get all the data and insights you need to increase your Alexa skill visibility and boost organic downloads

Skill Store

Get all the Skill Store data you need to drive decisions, discover market trends, and spy on your competitors

User Acquisition

Discover the source of your users and maximize the impact of your marketing efforts

Skill Marketing

Have our experts to take care of Skill Store Optimization and User Acquisition Campaigns for your Alexa skills


Skill Store Optimization

Get your Alexa skill at the top of the skill store search results with Voxalyze skill store optimization and keyword research tools.


Track and monitor how many keywords your Alexa skill ranks for, how it ranks on specific keywords, and compare your skill’s performance with your competitors.


Find out how many organic enablements your skill is getting from your top keywords and discover new keywords that could boost your organic traffic.

Be more visible

Skill Store Analytics

Get skill activation and revenue estimates for any skill in the Skill Store, in any country.


Uncover hidden opportunities by analyzing the growth by categories, countries, or time intervals based on skill activation estimates.


Get all the insights you need to drive your Skill Store presence to the next level.

Gain Insights

User Acquisition Attribution

Find out where your news users are coming from with Voxalyze. Our solution provides you the critical insight into your users’ journey: how they arrived at your skill.


Our attribution solution and algorithm ties news users to the ad they interact with, giving you transparency on the performance of your user acquisition campaigns.


Voxalyze is the industry leader in user acquisition analytics for Alexa skills and empowers data-driven marketers to succeed.

Measure Performance

Skill Marketing Services

You don’t have the knowledge or resources to boost your presence on Alexa? No problem, our team of experts act as an extension of your marketing team.


We take care of ideation, creative design, testing, iterating, campaign set up, and campaign optimization to grow the audience of your Alexa skill.


We specialize in creative-driven marketing channels that scale and can also work on a Cost-Per-Activation basis.

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