User Acquisition Analytics

for Alexa Skills

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Available standalone or via our Jovo plugin

Help your Alexa skill achieve predictable growth

With Voxalyze, the best teams have a unique advantage when it comes to investing their marketing dollars on their best performing campaigns. Get the data you need to take informed decisions when the others are blind.

Say goodbye to wild guesses when it comes to discovery of your Alexa skill

What is the audience of my Alexa skill? Which marketing campaign drives the most activation of the skill? What about usage? What about retention? With Voxalyze, you get the answers. No more guessing.

Discover your best marketing channels and boost the efficiency of your campaigns

Narrow the targeting options of your campaigns thanks to audience insights provided by Voxalyze. Discover your best performing channels and improve your acquisition reporting by revealing your true ROI across channels.

Get to the next level when it comes to marketing your Alexa skill

Voxalyze makes it simple to retarget people who visited the Amazon page of your skill to convert them or increase retention.

A marketing analytics tool dedicated to Alexa skills

With Voxalyze user acquisition analytics solution, you can get real-time reports and insights about your Alexa skill visitors on several dimensions:

Audience: how many new vs. returning visitors? You can access a range of information that Amazon doesn’t provide you such as demographics and more.

Acquisition Source: where do your visitors come from? Get a breakdown of your traffic sources to the skill page and those who activate the skill.

Smart, data-driven attribution

The Voxalyze user acquisition analytics solution allows to collect data at two different levels of the skill user journey: at the campaign level, via our unique proxy service and at the skill level via our SDK during activation and then skill usage.

We not only provide you with the raw data, but we also reconcile the data sets, thanks to our algorithm that takes into account a variety of factors such as timing or campaign sources to name only two.

As our data matching algorithm constantly improves with the data it processes, with Voxalyze you are sure to always have the best possible attribution.

For marketers by marketers

We are practitioners and built Alexa skills ourselves. As marketers, we grew frustrated with what the Amazon platform was allowing you to track or do when it comes to online campaigns and started to build what would become Voxalyze for our own use. That’s why our solution is packed with plenty of features such as:

  • Raw data or attributed data: we provide you with matching and attribution, but should you want to do so yourself, you could.
  • Retention is key and one of the challenges of voice interfaces. That’s why Voxalyze allows you to retarget users that have already visited the page of your skill. Amazon doesn’t let you do it. We do.
  • Data is great but it is sometimes cumbersome to analyze. No worries, we do it for you and surface all the actionable insights you need to drive your business.