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40% of listeners discover new podcasts via search

Search is the #1 way for users to discover new podcasts, ahead of word of mouth, social media, Google search, or browsing through podcast charts or “featured” section.

Like on the Web, ranking high for your main keywords is paramount

Being on the second page of Google hardly brings any traffic to your website. The same applies to podcasts: you need to rank high on relevant keywords to be discovered.

Voxalyze provides you with data & insights you need

Keywords ranking and tracking, search volume estimation, competitor benchmark: Voxalyze provides you with the data to boost your visibility and downloads.

All the data you need in one place

Voxalyze tracks, enriches, and brings you all the data you need in one simple, easy-to-use interface.

Keyword tracking for Podcast

“Thanks to Voxalyze's data, we identified opportunities and grew our audience by a whopping 24% within less than 2 weeks.”

Thibaut SouyrisCEO SalesLabs & Co-host the B2B Sales Podcast

“It is a real pleasure to work with the team at Voxalyze. Their insights are always super valuable.”

Jamal LassiriDirector of Innovation & New Listening Modes, Europe1

All the features you need to maximize the visibility of your podcast

Keyword Tracking

Track the keywords for which your podcast ranks on the various platforms with Voxalyze. Monitor how the keyword ranks evolve over time.

Rankings Distribution

How many episodes are ranking first for the desired keywords? How many in the Top 3 or Top 10? We offer simple and beautiful charts that help you monitor the evolution of your rankings distribution.

Search Volume

Voxalyze keyword volume estimator helps you discover opportunities so that you can boost the visibility of your content on the various podcast platforms.

Reviews Analysis

Ratings are important for your podcast to reach the top on given search terms. Start monitoring them with Voxalyze.

Keyword Suggestions

Do you want to rank higher for more keywords? Do you want to increase visibility for your content? We offer powerful keyword suggestions that help you optimize your mid and long-tail keyword strategy.

Keyword Tagging

Group keywords into tags of your choice and study keywords groups’ behavior to know where you need to work on. Divide your keywords into any of the categories you wish.

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Free Visibility Report