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Why do position tracking results differ?

By September 28, 2020 No Comments
It happens that the results in Voxalyze App Intelligence and in the Alexa App, the Amazon website, or simply Alexa itself differ, and we often get asked why. The most common reasons you would experience different results are browsing history, device, and location. In fact, when you search for a skill on any Alexa device, Amazon personalizes its results according to multiple factors:

Search & Browsing History (aka Personalization)

Like all other search engines out there, Amazon creates user-profiles and uses this information to personalize search results. It means that your search history and all pages you subsequently visited give Amazon hints about what you are interested in. This information allows Amazon to customize – to a certain extent – your search results in a way that is most relevant to you.



The results are more or less the same on devices with or without a screen, but there are quite a few device-specific factors such as APL that can heavily influence whether a skill ranks higher or lower.



Alexa search results rely on the location settings on the device you are using. Just like Google or any other search engine, Alexa uses AI to understand the most likely search intent. Whenever Alexa thinks the location is important, location-based ranking factors will be weighed more heavily. If Alexa thinks close proximity isn’t important to your skill request, it will show you a wider range of results.

Search Volatility

Another factor that is often overlooked when it comes to your search is volatility.  This just means that search results can change from a day to another as a result of the Alexa indexing schedule. Depending on the day that our updates occur and the time of your search, you could see a slight difference in the results. Our position tracking tool updates your data every week. This weekly update is the industry standard and normally enough to see any positive, negative, or neutral correlations between marketing efforts and rankings.
Alexis Hue

Alexis Hue

Alexis is Voxalyze cofounder. He is passionate about the audio space and loves using data to unlock and enable growth.