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What is Skill Store Optimization? Why is it important?

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What is Skill Store Optimization (SSO)?

Skill Store Optimization is the process of improving the visibility of an Alexa skill in the Alexa skill store. Just like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is for websites, or App Store Optimization (ASO) is for mobile apps, Skill Store Optimization (SSO) is for Alexa skills.

Specifically, Skill Store Optimization includes the process of ranking highly in skill store’s search results and top charts rankings. Additionally, Skill Store Optimization also encompasses activities focused on increasing the conversion of skill store impressions into skill enablements, often referred to as Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

What does it consist of?

Skill Store Optimization works by optimizing the target skill’s metadata in order for the skill to rank higher in the results for relevant keywords as well as increase the rate at which the users decide to enable the target skill. To achieve this, SSO specialists use a variety of levers, such as:

  • Skill Invocation Name
  • Skill Icon
  • Skill Example Phrases
  • Skill One Sentence Description
  • Skill Long Description
  • Skill Keywords
  • Skill Category

SSO experts typically measure the effect of these optimizations by creating different variations of each asset, showing each variation to users, and then comparing the conversion rate of each variant, in a process referred to as A/B testing. Finally, it is essential to note that Skill Store Optimization is not a one time job and requires to continually test and experiment.

Why is it important?

There are two reasons why Skill Store Optimization is important:

1. Alexa users do like to search for skills, be it on the skill store – either the web or mobile version – or by asking Alexa. While we are still missing hard data for Alexa skills, the order of magnitude for mobile is that about two-thirds of apps are discovered through app store search. If the order of magnitude is the same for Alexa skills, then that alone should convince you of the importance of Skill Store Optimization.

2. To avoid becoming a zombie skill, ie, a skill that does not appear on a top of a list of skills curated by Amazon or on top of a list for given keyword researches. Investing efforts into optimization is, therefore, a must! After all the efforts you put into building a great Alexa skill, you don’t want it to end up in zombie land.


The Voice Bites series is a collection of short (200-500 words) articles on topics spanning Skill Store Optimization, User Acquisition, and Analytics for Alexa skills.

Alexis Hue

Alexis Hue

Alexis is Voxalyze cofounder. He is passionate about the audio space and loves using data to unlock and enable growth.