Skill Store Optimization Analytics


Increasing visibility is essential for every skill.

Voxalyze is a powerful SSO (Skill Store Optimization) Analytics tool that provides you with all the data and insights you need to increase your skill visibility, boost organic downloads, and find new growth opportunities.

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Keyword Tracking

Track the keywords for which you skill ranks with Voxalyze. Monitor how the keyword ranks evolve since your last listing update.

Rankings Distribution

How many of your keywords are ranking first in the Skill Store? How many in the Top 3 or Top 10? We offer simple and beautiful charts that help you monitor the evolution of your rankings distribution.

Keyword Tagging

Group keywords into tags of your choice and study keywords groups’ behavior to know where you need to work on. Divide your keywords into any of the categories you wish.

Reviews Analysis

Your skill ratings are important for your positions in search and the conversion rate of your Skill Store listing. Start monitoring them with Voxalyze.

Keyword Suggestions

Do you want to rank higher for more keywords? Do you want to improve Skill Store visibility? We offer powerful keywords suggestions that help you optimize your mid and long-tail keyword strategy.

Search Volume

Voxalyze keyword volume estimator helps you discover opportunities so that you can boost the visibility of your skills on the Skill Store.

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