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Increasing visibility is essential for every skill.

Voxalyze is a powerful SSO (Skill Store Optimization) Analytics tool that provides you with all the data and insights you need to increase your skill visibility, boost organic downloads, and find new growth opportunities.

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Are professional SSO services a mystery to you? Here are some questions and answers to help you learn everything there is to know about Skill Store Optimization services.

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What is Skill Store Optimization (SSO)?


Skill Store Optimization (SSO) is a combination of methods and techniques whose aim is to position your Alexa skill within the first few results in the Alexa app or within an Alexa query.

Skill Store Optimisation will help improve your skill’s ranking, the conversion of visitors to users, and ultimately to acquire new users.

What makes Skill Store Optimization the main leverage to help acquire users for Alexa skills?


Professional SSO services aim to attract quality traffic to your Alexa skill.

The best SSO services know how to provide excellent solutions to capture the attention of those who are truly interested in the services or products your Alexa skill offers.

This traffic generated by Skill Store Optimization is long-lasting. Contrary to a traditional marketing campaign, whose effects stop the moment you are no longer injecting money, SSO continues to draw users to your Alexa skill even when you are no longer working to strengthen it.

Why are professional Skill Store Optimization services essential?


There are close to / more than 130,000 unique Alexa skills available worldwide

When an Alexa user searches for a skill, the only way to make your skill visible to her is to optimize its visibility by applying certain rules.

Your Alexa skill may be the best designed in the world, without the help of professional SSO services, it is very likely to remain completely invisible.

How does Alexa search engine work?


Amazon indexes all currently available Alexa skills on a regular basis and ranks them to put them in the most relevant position in its results.

The Alexa search algorithm ranks skills according to their perceived relevance. To decide which skills are relevant and which are not, the Alexa search algorithm relies on dozens of criteria. With professional SSO services, your Alexa skill is optimized on all these criteria to maximize your traffic and your user base.

How to optimize an Alexa skill visibility?


Optimizing the presence of your Alexa skill in the skill store requires many levers to be pulled which correspond to the criteria put in place by Amazon.

To help you get started, we have published the Skill Store Optimization Stack, a framework to help marketers and founders grow the user base of their Alexa skill through Skill Store Optimization. As good as the framework is, you won’t find all the details and secrets there.

What are the elements to be optimized for Skill Store Optimization?


Those are the elements to be optimized for any given Alexa skill:

  • Skill invocation name
  • Skill public name
  • Skill keyword set
  • Skill one-sentence description
  • Skill detailed description
  • Skill category
  • Skill ratings
  • Skill reviews
  • Skill icon
  • Skill launch phrases
  • Skill cross-linking
  • Skill localization
  • Name-Free Invocation

These elements impact a skill ranking with more or less weight, but they all contribute to better visibility and conversion.

Why do professional Skill Store Optimization services require time?


With a multitude of optimization criteria, the best SSO services require tools, know-how, experience … and time!

Professional SSO services create an optimization strategy for your Alexa skill that will only provide results in the long term: from the first audit, competition benchmarking, defining an action plan, set up, updating, and publishing content, it takes an average of 2 months to start seeing the first tangible benefits. After this, the benefits amplify themselves and the effects are long-lasting.

Skill store optimization could be compared to a diesel engine: the best SSO services need a long run-up period but are efficient in the long run!

How long does a Skill Store Optimization campaign take?


From our experience, the very first results may be observed as soon as 2 months after the start of an SSO campaign and will continue to improve significantly during the first 6 months. However, to continuously increase and consolidate the ranking of an Alexa skill, SSO has to be treated as a long-term investment.

How to pick the right keywords for your Alexa skill?


Choosing the right keywords depends on what your skill has to offer as well as specific requirements such as brand name.

Typically, we select your keywords based on their popularity (the number of times Alexa users have searched for them) and their competitiveness.

If ranking high is difficult for some generic keywords (for example ‘game’), we would aim for a series of ‘long tail’ keywords, which may be easier to optimize – and generate higher-quality traffic.

There are many tools to help you choose your keywords for web searches and we have a proprietary tool for Alexa searches.

Why are “long-tail” keywords particularly interesting for Skill Store Optimization?


Long-tail keywords are key phrases that contain over 4 or 5 words. They allow skills to be ranked for more specific and qualifying searches, such as ‘guided meditation at home’ rather than ‘meditation’.

These more specific keywords are less popular (ie less demand), but also less competitive (easier to rank high for), which allows Alexa skills using them to rank better. On top of it, they typically have a better conversion rate.


How much does Skill Store Optimization cost?


The cost of a skill store optimization depends on various factors (vertical of the skill, specific needs, competitiveness, goals). The necessary budget can only be determined once an in-depth analysis taking all these factors into account has been carried out. That being said, professional SSO services start at $3000 per year and cost on average $6,000 per year with large volume, complex Alexa skills costing significantly more.

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