How does Voxalyze work?

  • User Acquisition campaigns go through our proxy before being redirected to the Alexa skill store. When passing through we collect data such as top-level domain, network, device, location, and time.
  • The Voxalyze SDK embedded in your Alexa skill will also collect data on new vs returning users as well as timestamps.
  • Our algorithm then runs a probabilistic regression to attribute users to specific campaigns, so that you can measure, test and ultimately scale your user acquisition campaigns
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    How to connect your Alexa skill and create campaigns?


    In this short video, you will learn:

  • How to connect your Alexa skill to Voxalyze
  • How to create your first campaigns
  • How to use our analytics dashboard
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    Alexa skill attribution: real-time user acquisition analytics

  • Tackle discovery for your Alexa skills
  • Attribute every skill activation to a marketing campaign and media source
  • Voxalyze attribution gives you transparency on your marketing campaigns performance
  • The data you need to drive user acquisition

  • Track every channel to find out where your new users come from
  • Know exactly which channel and ads deliver users
  • Get information on your users’ location for better targeting
  • Access all the data in one dashboard
  • Fast and easy integration with Voxalyze SDK

  • Sign up for Voxalyze
  • Add the skill(s) you want to track
  • Install the Voxalyze SDK
  • Generate tracking links for you campaigns and start measuring their performance