Grow the Audience of Your Podcast

With close to 3 million podcasts available and close to 900’000 new shows launched this year, it becomes increasingly difficult for your podcast to become visible.

Your content may be extraordinary, but if it remains largely invisible, it will only attract a minimal audience.

Let one of our experts audit your podcast and get personalized recommendations on how to improve your visibility.

Start growing your audience by getting at the top of search rankings within Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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Podcast Visibility Analytics
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What does a Podcast Visibility Audit consist of?

Data Analysis & Benchmarking

We analyze the visibility and keyword rankings of your podcast and benchmark it against its competition.

Semantic Analysis & Opportunities

We identify keywords on which your podcast could rank for, and analyze the semantic opportunities around it.


You receive practical recommendations on how to improve the visibility and audience of your show.

Need a one-time boost of your visibility or a long-term tracking and fine-tuning of your rankings for a maximum impact?
We have what you need.

Initial Audit



Monthly Updates



Audit your Podcast

Download a sample audit here and see for yourself what you will get

Supporting podcast producers big and small

Visibility Score

Visibility Audit

We analyze the visibility of your podcast in a given country on both Apple Podcasts and Spotify:
– visibility score
– number of keywords the show ranks for
– keywords for which the podcast ranks in the top 5 positions
– rank on target keywords

Competition Benchmark

We analyze how your competition performs:
– visibility score
– main keywords
– keywords for which the shows rank in the top 5
– rank on targeted keywords

Comparing several podcasts
Analyzing the text of podcast descriptions

Semantic Analysis

We then leverage the visibility data of your podcast your competition to identify opportunities:
– which are the most recurring words used in the show titles and descriptions?
– is there any opportunities with keywords easy to rank for and high search volume?
– which semantic extensions could be leveraged?
– prioritization of the opportunities


We then come up with personalized recommendations on how to improve the visibility of your podcast. This usually involves several levers:
– changes in podcast title and author name
– changes in the podcast description
– changes in episode titles and title structure
– changes in episode descriptions
– any other relevant points

Recommendations on how to optimize the visibility of your podcast
Audit your Podcast

Download a sample audit here and see for yourself what you will get

Podcast Visibility Optimization Flywheel

Grow your audience with Podcast Visibility Optimization

Podcast Visibility Optimization (PVO) is the process of improving the visibility of a given podcast on the listening platforms such as Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

PVO is essential to a virtuous cycle of growth – also referred to as a flywheel.

With Podcast Visibility Optimization, your show will be more visible. More users will discover it and start listening. Some listeners will become followers and leave reviews…and this will then help your podcast become more visible.

Podcast Visibility Optimization is often considered as the base layer in promoting a podcast.

What is Podcast Visibility Optimization

Podcast Visibility Optimization is to podcast what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to websites and App Store Optimization (ASO) is to mobile apps.

Podcast Visibility Optimization (PVO) is the process of improving the visibility of a given podcast on audio platforms such as Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Search within the listening platforms is an important acquisition channel for podcast producers: studies have shown that 40% of listeners discover new podcasts by typing in the search bar of their listening apps.

A well-executed PVO strategy will help your podcast rank in the top positions for keywords relevant to the show and therefore increase your visibility and audience.

People discover podcast using the search bar of their listening app

Why is Podcast Visibility Optimization different
than podcast advertising?

Unlike traditional outbound advertising channels, which involve reaching out to consumers whether they want to hear from you or not, Podcast Visibility Optimization focus is on making it easy for your audience to find you when they want information.

Contrary to a traditional marketing campaigns, whose effects stop the moment you are no longer injecting money, PVO continues to draw in new listeners even when you are no longer working to strengthen it.

Podcast Advertising across several channels

How to optimize the visibility of a podcast?

Podcast Visibility Optimization relies on a multitude of factors that are complex and interconnected. Among the elements that PVO leverage are:

  • Show Name
  • Artist Name
  • Show Category
  • Show Description
  • Episode Names
  • Episode Descriptions
  • Relation between the Show and the Episodes
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Episode Length & Size

We have developed our own strategic framework for Podcast Visibility Optimization.

How do the listening platforms search engines work?

Every platform has its own search engine algorithm and the ranking systems are well-kept secrets. At Voxalyze, we are continuously conducting tests to assess the weights of the two main elements the algorithms are taking into accounts: metadata (keywords) and quality of content as perceived via the number of followers, listeners, and reviews.

Compared to web search engines like Google and Bing, the podcast platforms’ algorithms remain – for now – fairly simple. This makes it a great opportunity to get started with Podcast Visibility Optimization now.

How to pick the right keywords for your podcast?

To develop your own set of keywords for your show, there are two main factors to be considered:

Keyword relevance:
The keywords you pick must relate to your podcast’s content. You shouldn’t give listeners false expectations about the content of your show as it risks backfiring (stopped listening, bad reviews) and impact your visibility.

Keyword search volume:
Keyword search volume indicates how often a particular keyword gets searched for in the podcast listening apps. The more searches there are, the more popular that keyword is.

Then it’s all about prioritizing the keywords and iterating with the metadata of your podcast to climb the rankings. You will find more details in this article on choosing the best keywords for your podcast.

How to optimize the visibility of a Podcast

Why are long-tail keywords particularly interesting for Podcast Visibility Optimization?

Choosing the right keywords for your podcast depends on its content as well as your requirements. When good rankings are difficult to reach for generic keywords in some verticals (eg: meditation), a good strategy for Podcast Visibility Optimization is to rely on “long-tail” keywords (eg: guided meditation) which may be easier to optimize for and will bring listeners highly interested by the niche topic.

Optimizing against a set of several long-tail keywords is a common PVO strategy, especially for less visible podcasts.

How long does a Podcast Visibility campaign take?

While according to Google, an SEO campaign takes 4-12 months to deliver the first results for a website; with PVO the first results are noticeable within a couple of weeks.

Applying the recommendations of the Podcast Visibility Audit will provide a clear boost to your show. That’s only the beginning. By continuously increasing and consolidating your podcast’s ranking, you will see significant benefits and long-lasting effects.

Podcast Visibility Optimization has to be treated as a long-term investment.