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With your free visibility report, you will get:

  • the number of keywords for which your podcast ranks in the top 100 search results
  • the average ranking of your podcast within those search results
  • the evolution of the user ratings and their breakdown
  • the list of 20 best keywords your podcast ranks for

for a given podcast on either Apple Podcasts or Spotify in a given country (ex: USA). Our team will prepare the report and email it directly to you within the next 24 hours (and typically within minutes)

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With your free trial you will get:

  • full access to Voxalyze to monitor and track the visibility of up to 5 podcasts
  • all the information on the keywords the podcasts rank for (number of keywords, average rankings, keyword list, search volume)
  • the evolution of the user ratings and their breakdown
  • full access to Voxalyze keyword explorer to see which podcasts rank for a given search query

for both Apple Podcasts and Spotify, in all the countries where we have processed the data (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, most of EU, Switzerland)

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