Our Mission:

Enabling the Growth of your Alexa Skill

Alexis Hue

Cofounder, CEO

Alexis is a serial entrepreneur and has been defining and executing growth strategies for web/mobile apps while managing marketing budgets of more than $30m. He believes that data combined with marketing is the key enabler to growth.

Marian Zange

Cofounder, CTO

Marian has co-founded several startups as tech lead and has been working as a software engineer and architect for more than a decade. He loves building large scale data processing and analytics systems to uncover patterns and actionable insights

How it all started

Voxalyze was born out of frustration trying to grow the audience of Alexa skills without proper data and analytics solutions


However fun and satisfying building Alexa skills can be, discovery remains a massive challenge for developers. The store rankings are hard to get and comprehend and user acquisition is lacking a key component to it: attribution.

So, in order to market their own Alexa skills, Alexis and Marian decided to build their own internal set of tools. By showing them around to the (awesome) voice community, they come to realize that fellow developers all over the world faced similar challenges. Voxalyze was born.

Today Voxalyze is the leading platform for Alexa skills marketing insights and intelligence.