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Our Story

Voxalyze was born out of frustration with content discovery for audio content on the listening platforms where analytics solutions were lacking for producers


However fun and satisfying recording a podcast can be, discovery remains a massive challenge for creators. The listening platforms (Apple Podcasts, Spotify…etc.) rankings are hard to get and master.

Alexis and Marian decided to build their own internal set of tools to market their own Alexa skills. That’s out of this internal tool that Voxalyze was born. After winning their first set of clients, strong demand for a similar solution for podcasts emerged. The discovery of great content on the podcast platforms is indeed broken and there was no analytics solution available to producers.

Today Voxalyze allows creators of audio content to increase the visibility of their content on a variety of platforms such as Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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Our Values

We are here to help you – the audio content creators

Much more than a simple tagline: we are here to help and we mean it. If you need help interpreting our data or a few practical tips to boost your podcast audience, we will be there for you.

We are supporting you in tackling a crucial problem

Our work provides you with the data and insights to increase the audience of your podcasts. We are on a mission to connect you, the creators, with your audience.

We keep on learning and adapting

We are learning every day as the market, technology and listening platforms algorithms change. We also believe there is always more to do, to try, and achieve…for you.

We believe in and praise diversity

We are multicultural (our team consists of people from 4 nationalities) and diverse by nature. We use our differences and experiences to help you meet your audience.

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